PianoHead (iPhone/iPad)

PianoHead is a popular program that has helped thousands of students learn to read music.

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PianoHead¬†has helped thousands of students learn to read music. PianoHead is a simple, elegant solution for mastering the fundamentals of music theory — and it’s fun too!

PianoHead for iPhone and iPad

The iOS version of PianoHead is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. Whether you’re a new student or more advanced, PianoHead will help you improve your skills. PianoHead is not an instructional program, it’s a set of modular drill-and-practice games designed to build automaticity for note recognition, scales, intervals, and key signatures. It also includes the PianoHead Challenge, which is similar to the game on this site.


Learn note recognition for bass and treble clefs, including flats and sharps.


Learn the Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor scales.


Learn to recognize and hear different intervals.

Key Signatures

Learn to recognize Major and Minor key signatures.

PianoHead Challenge

The PianoHead Challenge, the game on this site, is also included in the app. Once you practice each of the four main areas, you’ll have a much easier time mastering all the levels of this difficult game. You’ll also be able to post your scores to the Worldwide Scoreboard.